A substitute for ordinary salt, with 0% sodium, Bonsalt is prepared with natural ingredients. The salt for healthy habit. The Bonsalt Generation is born.

Bonsalt 0% Sodium


Bonsalt is a salt substitute that has the familiar flavour of table salt and promotes good health.

Low Sodium Salts


Our low-sodium salts are completely natural, and are processed in our plants under rigorous quality control supervised by our highly qualified personnel.

Salt fot the diets

The friend of the hearth

Bonsalt allows the freedom of having the taste of salt in a diet adopted for the reduction of hypertension. With ease one uses sodium free salt, which provides the potassium needed to compensate for the deficiencies in ones daily diet.

Low in calorie

Bonsalt, is specifically indicated for diets low in calories.

A balanced diet


An equivalent serving of regular table salt (sodium chloride) contains 393 mg. of sodium. The human body requires 500 mg. of sodium per day. The recommended maximum intake of sodium, for a person affected by hypertension, is 2,400 mg. per day (1/2 tsp of table salt). This includes the salt used in cooking and at the table. The average quantity of salt that is ingested is between 2,300 and 6,900 mg. per day.
Bonsalt contains 448 mg. of potassium per a 1gr. serving (1/4 tbs). This is approximately the same amount of potassium contained in a 100 gr. of potatoes or in one medium size banana. The minimum amount of potassium recommended for adults is 2,000 mg. per day.

The Bonsalt Generation

The Bonsalt generation is born


A success, Bonsalt opens new possibilities for people on diets. Individuals subject to restrictions in the consumption of common salt can now find an effective answer in Bonsalt. The accomplishment in the development of Bonsalt follows numerous years of research in the nutritional field.

The salt for healthy habits


The bonsalt generation can now enjoy a new alternative to the consumption of common salt. With Bonsalt, “The salt for diets”, we are, also, heading in the right direction to prevent hypertension. In addition to providing an opportunity for the consumption of a salt without sodium, it generates positive results in the processing of body liquids.