Advantages Baking Powder

Castelló Baking Powder

Advantages of our Baking Powder over Baking Powders currently on the market:

1. Our Baking Powder is natural. It derives from natural ingredients such as: Cream of Tartar (Monopotassium Tartrate from Grapes) GDL (Glucono-delta-lactone from corn) and Corn Starch. Therefore our product is natural 60% less of sodium, Gluten free, Aluminium free, with No- GMO and Phosphate free.

2.  The absence of Phosphate in our Baking Powder produces a natural flavorin the finished product, with no soapy or metallic after-taste. It provides to the interior a more homogeneous structure. It will also appear lighter in color than the interior of products made with other Baking Powder, which might contain Phosphates.

3. Our low sodium Baking Powder contains less than 60% of sodium than other Baking Powders on the market. It can be considered “Low Sodium” or“Reduced Sodium”. It is also certified as Organic product.

4. Our Baking Powder is manufactured in our facilities in Alicante, Spain, under strict quality control (ISO 22000), and with the use of leading-edge technologies.

5. 0ur Baking Powder is KOSHER.

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