What is an HFSS product?

An HFSS product is a food or soft drink that is high in fat, salt or sugar as classified by the Department of Health (DoH) nutrient profiling model.

What happens with products classified as HFSS?

The regulations provide for restrictions on the promotions and placement in retail stores and their online equivalents of certain foods and drinks that are high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) or ‘less healthy’:
Businesses in scope of the regulations must not offer volume price promotions on food in scope of the regulations.
Restrictions apply to free refills of sugar-sweetened beverages, defined as HFSS or ‘less healthy’ by the NPM, in any qualifying business, including the restaurant and out of home sector. Businesses in scope of regulations must not offer a free refill promotion on drinks in scope of regulations.
The regulations describe where qualifying businesses must not place specified food inside a physical store. Businesses in scope of the regulations with stores that have 185.8m2 (2,000 sq ft) or greater of ‘relevant floor area’ will be in scope of the location promotion restrictions.
Businesses in scope of the regulations must not promote food in scope online (including in apps), in locations equivalent to those in stores, where location promotion restrictions apply.
The UK government has announced that it will be introducing a 9pm watershed for HFSS or ‘less healthy’ food and drink advertising on TV, and a restriction of paid for advertising online.

Products most affected by HFSS legislation

– Soft drinks with added sugar, including lemonades, colas and fruit-based squash drinks.
– Milk-based drinks with added sugar or sweeteners
– Juice-based drinks with added sugar
– Fruit juices and smoothies with added sugar
– Yoghurt
– Coffee, tea, chocolate, malt drink and milkshake powders
– Energy drinks with added sugar
– Protein powders with added sugar
– Sweet popcorn and mixed sweet and salty popcorn
– Chocolate
– Pizzas
– Jellied fruit sweets
– Chewing gum
– Marshmallows
– Ice cream and sorbets
– Sponge cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins, flapjacks, Swiss rolls, brownies, cream cakes, mini rolls, éclairs, tray bakes, frozen cakes
– Biscuits
– Danish pastries, croissants, pancakes, buns, teacakes, scones, waffles, bagels, fruit loaves, hot cross buns, brioche, malt loaf
– Sweet pies, tarts, flans, cheesecake, gateaux, dairy desserts, sponge puddings, rice pudding, crumbles, fruit fillings, jellies, meringue desserts, mousses

How can Tartaros Gonzalo Castello help with the production / elaboration of healthier products?

We offer our customers our expertise based on:

Tradition: Founded in 1907 in Novelda, Spain and led from the beginning by the Castelló family, we serve our products as essential ingredients to dozens of sectors in more than 60 countries. We are also present in the USA since 2001, serving among others the food and beverage industry.

Quality: We are FSSC 22000 for food safety certified. The company is partially owned by Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences, what gives us the possibility to adapt to any situation and to be commited to innovation as well.


Mainly, our most demanded products as ingredients for the food industry are:


Cream of tartar

– Due to his buffer effect, Cream of tartar is used as the acid ingredient being the most natural baking powder in the market. It is superior to other substitutes because the taste is more pleasant and does not leave any alkaline trace in the dough.
– 100% Natural from grapes.
– Gluten Free.
– Phosphates Free.
– Alluminium Free.
– Allergen Free.
– 0 Fat.
– 0 Salt.
– Keto and Paleo friendly.


Stevia & Erythritol sweeteners

– 100% natural sweetener. It is made from Erythritol, a natural polyol, and Steviol Glycosides, a high purity extract of the stevia plant.
– Thanks to our manufacturing process, both ingredients are crystallized in the same crystal. 100% natural and homogeneous flavour.
– Different formulations. We can meet customer special requirements with custom formulations.
– 0 calories
– 0 carbohydrates (the carbs of our Stevia + Erythritol are not metabolized by the human body), so it is considered a 0 carbohydrates sweetener.
– 0 Glycemic Index, i.e. no effect on blood glucose levels.
– With a taste and texture very similar to sugar.
– It can be taken by both children and adults.
– It does not hurt your teeth. Prevents the loss of tooth enamel and prevents the formation of cavities.
– No artificial flavours or masking agents.
– Keto and Paleo friendly.

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